Disability History Month (16 November - 16 December)


For Disability History Month (16 November – 16 December), Firoza Davies, a member of the Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement (PPIE) group at King's Clinical Research Facility (CRF), highlights the significance of participating in research.


"Hello, my name is Firoza. I am a 45-year-old Asian British woman, and I currently reside in Leicester. As the PPIE conference representative for King's CRF in London, I ensure that PPIE is properly carried out at events. In addition, I volunteer for both of my local NHS trusts. Though I am a florist by profession, I am currently unable to work due to health issues".

Can you tell us why you decided to join the PPIE group?

"I became a part of the PPIE group to represent those who are unable to advocate for themselves in my community, particularly for people of colour whose physical and mental health issues are not given enough attention. There are many stigmas and taboos surrounding these issues, and I want to raise awareness about the significance of participating in research, especially for hard-to-reach communities and people of colour. Diversity is crucial in PPIE, and I want to emphasise its importance".

Do you have any disabilities that you are willing to let us know about?

"I live with multiple long-term health conditions, including but not limited to a spinal condition, ankylosing spondylitis, which is a type of arthritis that causes inflammation of the joints and ligaments of the spine and widespread chronic pain syndrome. I am visually impaired and suffer from my mental health as well, bipolar disorder, anxiety and other conditions".

What have you learned on your journey?

"I have learned that it is perfectly fine to express your thoughts and feelings without worrying about being right or wrong when sharing your own experiences. Even if you have a disability, you should try to get involved in some way. Participating in research can be a great way to contribute and make a difference. It can be rewarding and fulfilling, even if you are living on benefits due to your disabilities. Give it a try and see if it is something you enjoy. Sharing your own experiences can also be empowering".



To learn more about PPIE at King’s CRF, please visit: For patients and public (nihr.ac.uk)

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