World Mental Health Day 2018: Young People and Mental Health in a Changing World

Today is World Mental Health Day and the focus for 2018 is on young people and mental health in a changing world. The World Federation of Mental Health says that they want the day 'to bring attention to the issues our youth and young adults are facing in our world today and begin the conversation around what they need in order to grow up healthy, happy and resilient.'

To mark the day, we asked Dr Sagar Jilka, Patient and Carer Involvement and Engagement (PCIE) Theme Coordinator at the NIHR Maudsley BRC, to discuss a few questions related to the 2018 theme with our Young Person's Mental Health Advisory Group (YPMHAG). Their responses to these questions have been visualised using 'word clouds'.

The YPHMAG is part of the BRC's commitment to working with young people and ensuring that their voice is heard in shaping our research. The national group includes 16 - 25 year-olds with personal experience of having used mental health services or caring for someone who has. 

The main aims are to:

  • Act as a point of contact for researchers seeking Patient and Carer Involvement and Engagement (PCIE) on studies relating to young people.
  • Raise the profile of research into young people’s mental health.
  • Promote the young service user/carer perspective in mental health research.
  • Identify and share good practice in service user and carer involvement
  • Collaborate with the wider NIHR family and charities on specific projects.

The group was asked:

What are the main issues related to mental health facing young people today?

What are the main ways that society could help to improve young people's mental health?

Commenting on the young people's responses, Dr Jilka said, "Young people are facing a myriad of issues that impact their mental health. The world is changing at a rapid speed, but attitudes and understanding towards mental health aren’t keeping pace. It was really striking how the young people emphasised education and awareness as ways that society can help improve their mental health. Changes in attitudes and understanding, no matter how small, can only help make strides towards improving the mental health of young people in Britain today."

For more information on the YPMHAG, visit their website or follow them on Twitter (@YPMHAG). If you're a researcher interested in consulting the group, contact 

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By NIHR Maudsley BRC at 10 Oct 2018, 16:15 PM

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