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Meet the CRIS Team

This is a list of the staff who support Clinical Record Interactive Search (CRIS) infrastructure, development and training. 

A list of researchers who are currently using our Clinical Record Interactive Search (CRIS) for research projects is also available. 

Robert Stewart

Professor of Psychiatric Epidemiology and Clinical and Population Informatics Lead

Matthew Broadbent

CRIS Clinical Informatics Lead

David Chandran

Post-doctoral Informatician

Debbie Cummings

CRIS Administrator

Shanmukha Gudiseva

CRIS Database Administrator

Amelia Jewell

Clinical Data Linkage Service (CDLS) Lead

Satyendra Katneni

CRIS Azure Engineer/Developer

Anna Kolliakou

Clinical Informatics Interface and Network Lead

Jyoti Sanyal

Natural Language Processing Lead

Hitesh Shetty

Clinical Informatician