South Asian Heritage Month: an interview with Bibitha


It's South Asian Heritage Month and King's CRF research nurse is calling on more people from the South Asian community to take part in NIHR-supported research.

South Asian Heritage Month commemorates, marks and celebrates South Asian history and culture.

Bibitha Babu, from Kerala in India, is a research nurse at the King's CRF. She shares her thoughts on the importance of South Asian representation in research. She said:

“Research studies often fall short when recruiting participants from South Asian ethnic communities. There are various reasons, such as language barriers, cultural and religious differences, geography, misconceptions, and lack of awareness. However, including diverse groups in research is crucial because certain diseases can uniquely affect different racial groups.

“It's time to prioritize the involvement of these communities in research to tackle health disparities. By doing so, we can improve their health outcomes and benefit from their knowledge and experiences. Additionally, it's important to educate this minority group about research-related jobs so that they can contribute their skills and expertise to the scientific community.

Welcome to Research; let's create a better world together".

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By NIHR Wellcome King's Clinical Research Facility at 24 Jul 2023, 15:21 PM

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