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These CRIS publications webpages include links to research papers written using CRIS data by year.

All these academics papers have been through a peer-review process for checking the quality and importance of reports of research.

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Featured publication: Estimating Demand for Potential Disease modifying Therapies for Alzheimer’s Disease in the UK

Axel A.S. Laurell, Ashwin V. Venkataraman, Tatjana Schmidt, Marcella Montagnese, Christoph Mueller, Robert Stewart, Jonathan Lewis, Clare Mundell, Jeremy D. Isaacs, Mani S. Krishnan, Robert Barber, Timothy Rittman and Benjamin R. Underwood (The British Journal of Psychiatry, January 2024) [full text]


Despite knowing about Alzheimer’s disease for over 100 years only last year (2023) have new discoveries been made into treatments that address the underlying cause for the first time. These medications, called monoclonal antibodies, are injected through an infusion pump, but are expensive and require more resources and frequent brain scans. CRIS researchers from Cambridge and King’s College London wanted to find out what the demand for these treatments would be in the UK.


Using CRIS and the equivalent database in Cambridge they identified patients diagnosed with early Alzheimer’s or mild cognitive impairment. They then applied the criteria used in clinical trials for these treatments. One of the criteria was cerebrovascular disease, which was identified from the SLaM Image Bank dataset led by Dr Ash Venkataraman.


The team estimated that 906 people per year would start treatment with monoclonal antibodies in both Cambridge and South London and Maudsley NHS trusts. This is about 30,000 people across the UK and similar to the challenge of using medications for inflammatory bowel disease, multiple sclerosis, or cancer.


Monoclonal antibody treatments for Alzheimer's disease are likely to present a significant challenge for healthcare services to deliver in terms of the neuroimaging and treatment delivery. The data provided here allows health services to understand the potential demand and plan accordingly.


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Covid-19 Research

CRIS played an integral part in some of the research into the COVID-19 pandemic, you can view those research findings here:

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COVID-19 research

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