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Informatics cluster

Led by Professor Robert Stewart, the Informatics cluster oversees the delivery of a broad informatics infrastructure.  Our overall aim is to develop a digital phenotype, derived from electronic health records, active and passive patient interfaces, social media, and geographical contextual data, and to use such data as a basis for intervention.

Research theme

Clinical and Population Informatics

Developing and harnessing our substantial electronic databases and community health study resources to deliver research for better mental health.
Research theme

Bioinformatics and Statistics

Our bioinformatics and statistics research integrates complex rich clinical data from patient records with large datasets from other areas including genomics & brain imaging to better understand psychiatric disorders.
Research theme

Mobile Health

Exploiting novel mobile health and remote sensing technology to provide data on patients' experience throughout the disease continuum, improving clinical understanding and empowering patients.
Researching health records

What is CRIS?

Find out what our Clinical Record Interactive Search system (CRIS) is and how it helps researchers understand better understand mental illness and brain disorders.


Latest news from the informatics cluster.