New funding aims to fast-track high-impact translational neuroimaging research

The NIHR Maudsley Biomedical Research Centre (BRC) Neuroimaging theme has announced the successful applications to a new call for research to boost impact and the translation of neuroimaging findings into benefits for patients.

Successful projects include a study exploring neuroimaging biomarkers to predict the risk of relapse in major depression, and a proposal to build an online portal to share and analyse neuroimaging data.

The Neuroimaging theme has already supported over 30 different pilot research studies in MRI and PET neuroimaging. It has also supported the provision of neuroimaging infrastructure for additional research across the wider Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience (IoPPN).

For this research call, the Neuroimaging theme leadership team wanted to identify and support outstanding research projects which have the potential to boost the impact of neuroimaging research in the field or accelerate the translation of neuroimaging research into patient benefit.  

Successful projects had to be able to translate neuroimaging research into tangible treatment and disease management strategies and / or strengthen the impact of research for clinical and patient benefit.  Proposals also needed to demonstrate innovation by using new methods or creative and efficient approaches to achieve their goals.  Finally, applicants needed to demonstrate that their projects can be delivered within 6-9 months. 

Applications were assessed by internal and external reviewers, and applicants could apply for up to £50,000 for their study.  The successful applicants and their projects are:

  • Dr Roland Zahn, Department of Psychological Medicine, Project title: ‘Developing an imaging biomarker of recurrence risk in depression’.
  • Dr Francesco Vergani, Department of Neurosurgery, Project title: ‘Clinical Utility of multimodal imaging in surgical tumour patients’.
  • Dr Paramala Santosh, Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Project title: ‘'Systematic Phenotyping in Neuroimaging (SPIN)' study’.
  • Dr Judith Nottage, Department of Neuroimaging, Project title: ‘Towards EEG gamma analysis software for clinical use’.
  • Dr Flavio Dell' Acqua, Department of Neuroimaging and Department of Forensic and Neurodevelopmental Sciences, Project title: ‘BRCATLAS Tractography and Neuroimaging Online Portal’.

For more information about the successful projects, visit the BRC Neuroimaging Theme Translational / Impact of Research Award homepage, which will be updated with key outcomes of the studies after they are completed in March 2017.

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By NIHR Maudsley BRC at 15 Jul 2016, 12:04 PM

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