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Life Expectancy at Birth for People with Serious Mental Illness and Other Major Disorders from a Secondary Mental Health Care Case Register in London.

Chang C-K, Hayes RD, Perera G, Broadbent MTM, Fernandes AC, Lee WE, Hotopf M, Stewart R.

PLoS One


Associations Between Substance Use Disorder Sub-Groups, Life Expectancy and All-Cause Mortality in a Large British Specialist Mental Healthcare Service.

Hayes RD, Chang C-K, Fernandes A, Broadbent M, Lee W, Hotopf M, Stewart R.

Drug and Alcohol Dependence


Using Electronic Patient Records to Assess the Impact of Swine Flu (Influenza H1N1) on Mental Health Patients

Page LA, Seetharaman S, Suhail I, Wessely S, Pereira J, Rubin G.

Journal of Mental Health


OPCRIT+: an electronic system for psychiatric diagnosis and data collection in clinical and research settings.

Rucker J, Newman S, Gray J, Gunasinghe C, Broadbent M, Baggaley M, Denis M, Turp J, Stewart R, Lovestone S, Schumann G, Farmer A, McGuffin P.

British Journal of Psychiatry


Residential Mobility among Patients Admitted to Acute Psychiatric Wards.

Tulloch A, Fearon P, David AS.

Health and Place





All-Cause Mortality among People with Serious Mental Illness (SMI), Substance Use Disorders, and Depressive Disorders in Southeast London: A Cohort Study.

Chang C-K, Hayes RD, Broadbent M, Fernandes AC, Lee W, Hotopf M, Stewart R. 

BMC Psychiatry





The Psychiatric Case Register: Noble Past, Challenging Present, But Exciting Future.

Perera G, Soremekun M, Breen G, Stewart R. 

British Journal of Psychiatry


The South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust Biomedical Research Centre (SLAM BRC) Case Register: Development and Descriptive Data.

Stewart R, Soremekun M, Perera G, Broadbent M, Callard F, Denis M, Hotopf M, Thornicroft G, Lovestone S. 

BMC Psychiatry


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