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Clinical Record Interactive Search (CRIS) - 2016 publications


“He left me a message on Facebook”: Comparing the risk profiles of self-harming patients who leave paper suicide notes with those who leave messages on new media.

Barrett J, Shetty H, Broadbent M, Cross S, Hotopf M, Stewart R, Lee W. 

BJPsych Open


Identifying mortality risks in patients with opioid use disorder using brief screening assessment: Secondary mental health clinical records analysis.

Bogdanowicz KM, Stewart R, Chang C-K, Downs J, Khondoker MDMR, Shetty H, Strang JS, Hayes RD.

Drug and Alcohol Dependence


Self-harm in trafficked adults accessing secondary mental health services in England.

Borschmann R, Oram S, Howard LM, Kinner S, Dutta R, Zimmerman C.

Psychiatric Services


Type 2 diabetes mellitus in severe mental illness; inequalities by ethnicity and age. Cross-sectional analysis of 588,408 records from the UK.

Das-Munshi J, Ashworth M, Dewey M E , Gaughran FP, Hull S, Morgan C, Nazroo J, Petersen I, Schofield P, Stewart RJ, Thornicroft GJ, Prince MJ.

Diabetic Medicine 


Clinical predictors of antipsychotic use in children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorders: A historical open cohort study using electronic health records.

Downs JM, Hotopf MH, Ford T, Simonoff E, Jackson RG, Shetty H, Stewart R, Hayes RD.

European Child and Adolescent Psychiatry


Services for people at high risk improve outcome in patients with first-episode psychosis.

Fusar-Poli P, Diaz-Caneja C M, Patel R, Valmaggia LR, Byrne M, Garety PA, Shetty H, Broadbent M, Stewart R, McGuire P.

Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica


Identifying first episodes of psychosis in psychiatric patient records using machine learning.

Gorrell G, Oduola S, Roberts A, Craig T, Morgan C, Stewart R.

In: Proceedings of BioNLP 16. Association of Computational Linguistics, Berlin


Cardiovascular disease treatment among severe mental illness patients: a data linkage study.

Hotopf MH, Woodhead C, Ashworth M, Broadbent M, Callard FJ, Schofield P, Soncul M, Stewart RJ, Henderson M.

British Journal of General Practice


Predictors of long term (> 6months) antipsychotic polypharmacy prescribing in secondary mental healthcare.

Kadra G, Stewart R, Shetty H, Downs J, MacCabe JH, Taylor D, Hayes RD.

Schizophrenia Research


Novel psychoactive substances: An investigation of temporal trends in social media and electronic records.

Kolliakou A, Ball M, Derczynski L, Chandran D, Gkotsis G, Deluca P, Jackson R, Shetty H, Stewart R.

European Psychiatry


Predictors of care home and hospital admissions and their costs for older people with Alzheimer’s disease: Findings from a large London case register.

Knapp M, Chua KC, Broadbent M, Chang C-K, Fernandez JL, Milea D, Romeo R, Lovestone S, Spencer M, Thompson G, Stewart R, Hayes RD.

BMJ Open


Reasons for discontinuing clozapine: A cohort study of patients commencing treatment.

Legge SE, Hamshere M, Hayes RD, Downs JO, Donovan MC, Owen MJ, Walters JTR, MacCabe JH.

Schizophrenia Research


Risk assessment and suicide by patients with schizophrenia in secondary mental healthcare: A case-control study.

Lopez-Morinigo JD, Ayesa-Arriola R, Torres-Roman B, Fernandes AC, Shetty H, Broadbent M, Dominguez-Ballesteros M-E, Stewart R, David AS, Dutta R.

BMJ Open


Location of care for people with serious mental illness (LOCAPE): implications for service use and costs using a mixed-methods approach.

McCrone P, Wright S, Zala D, Radhakrishnan Kartha M, Koeser L, Ashworth M, Schofield P, Rose D, Corlett S, Patel A, Stewart R, Stahl D, Whitney D, Gannon J.

Health Services and Delivery Research


Clinical outcomes and mortality associated with weekend admission to psychiatric hospital.

Patel R, Chesney E, Cullen A, Tulloch A, Broadbent M, Stewart R, McGuire, P. 

British Journal of Psychiatry


Association of cannabis use with hospital admission and antipsychotic treatment failure in first episode psychosis: an observational study.

Patel R, Wilson R, Jackson R, Ball M, Shetty H, Broadbent M, Stewart R, McGuire P, Bhattacharyya S.

BMJ Open


Cohort Profile of the South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust Biomedical Research Centre (SLaM BRC) Case Register: Current Status and Recent Enhancements of an Electronic Mental Health Record Derived Data Resource.

Perera G, Broadbent M, Chang C-K, Downs J, Dutta R, Fernandes A, Hayes R, Henderson M, Jackson R, Jewell A, Kadra G, Little R, Pritchard M, Shetty H, Tulloch A, Stewart, R.

BMJ Open


Reporting of clinically diagnosed dementia on death certificates: retrospective clinical study.

Perera G, Stewart R, Higginson IJ, Sleeman KE. 

Age and Ageing


Mortality of people with chronic fatigue syndrome: A retrospective cohort study in England and Wales from the South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust Biomedical Research Centre (SLaM BRC) Clinical Record Interactive Search (CRIS) Register.

Roberts E, Wessely S, Chalder T, Chang C-K, Hotopf M.

The Lancet


Facilitating mental health research for patients, clinicians and researchers: a mixed-method study.  

Robotham D, Waterman S, Oduola S, Papoulias C, Craig T, Wykes T.

BMJ Open


The prevalence and correlates of self-harm in pregnant women with psychotic disorder and bipolar disorder.

Taylor CL, van Ravesteyn L, Lambregtse van den Berg, MP, Stewart R, Howard L. 

Archives of Women’s Mental Health


Antipsychotic polypharmacy and augmentation strategies prior to clozapine initiation: A historical cohort study of 310 adults with treatment-resistant schizophrenic disorders.

Thompson JV, Clark JM, Legge SE, Kadra G, Downs J, Hamshere ML, Hayes RD, Taylor D, MacCabe JH.

Journal of Psychopharmacology


Utility of the Health of the Nation Scales (HoNOS) in predicting mental health service costs for patients with common mental health problems: historical cohort study.

Twomey CD, Prina M, Baldwin DS, Das-Munshi J, Kingdon D, Koeser LA, Prince MJ, Stewart RJ, Tulloch AD, Cieza A.

PLos One


Do fewer males present to clinical high-risk services for psychosis relative to first-episode services?

Wilson RP, Patel R, Bharracharyya S.

Early Intervention in Psychiatry


Cervical and breast cancer screening uptake among women with serious mental illness: A data linkage study.

Woodhead C, Cunningham R, Ashworth M, Barley E, Stewart RJ, Henderson MJ.

BMC Cancer


Clinical predictors of antipsychotic use in children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorders: a historical open cohort study using electronic health records.

Downs J, Hotopf M, Ford T, Stewart R, Shetty H, Jackson R, Hayes RD.

European Child and Adolescent Psychiatry


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