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Dr James Rucker

Dr James Rucker is a NIHR Clinician Scientist who was a Maudsley BRC Preparatory Clinical Research Training Fellow in 2007/8.

"In 2007 I was a recipient of one of the first BRC Preparatory Fellowships for medics, when I was a junior doctor.

In retrospect, I can’t really over-emphasise how important that was. Whilst the seed of clinical academia was always in my mind, the initial nurture of that seed was the BRC Preparatory Fellowship and the support and mentorship that came with it. It allowed me the time, space and supervision I needed to develop a good research question and secure a PhD clinical research training fellowship from the Wellcome Trust to explore it.

Twelve years later I have completed my PhD, gained two CCTs in general adult and old age psychiatry and currently hold a prestigious 5 year NIHR Clinician Scientist Fellowship at King's College London (~£1.2M), investigating a truly novel paradigm of treatment in psychiatry. This, in turn, has attracted industry funding, allowing me to build and lead a small research team under the mentorship of Professor Allan Young.

The future appears most promising. It would not have happened without that initial year of support from the BRC."


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