Toby Wise


My background is in cognitive neuroscience, and I have a strong interest in how techniques from this discipline can be applied to mental health research and practice. I aim to gain a better understanding of these conditions to improve the outcomes for those who suffer from them.

I was attracted to the Biomedical Research Centre (BRC) PhD studentship by the opportunity of working in a world-class research institute that has close links to mental health services. I am particularly interested in the use of neuroimaging in affective disorders and this work is part of the BRC’s neuroimaging theme.


BSc Psychology, University of Sussex

MSc Cognitive Neuroscience, University of Sussex

My PhD project focuses on the use of neuroimaging to distinguish between unipolar and bipolar depression, and to understand the bipolar spectrum. This is part of the BRC’s neuroimaging theme, and has the potential to inform clinical practice in the future and improve outcomes for individuals suffering from these conditions. Additionally, it aims to enhance our understanding of the neurobiological basis of these conditions.

I was particularly attracted to this project by the opportunity it provided to apply advanced neuroimaging techniques to an important clinical problem.



Professor Anthony Cleare and Dr Danilo Arnone


Affective disorders

Developing new treatments for depression, bipolar and anxiety disorders.

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