Pablo Vidal-Ribas Belil


I am a certified Clinical Psychologist with a first degree in Psychology, an MSc in Child and Adolescent Psychopathology and a further MSc in Severe Mental Illness in Adults. For the last three years I have focused my career on understanding the factors and mechanisms that make some people more or less vulnerable to develop emotional disorders. To do so I have employed several approaches such as statistical modelling, genetic analyses and neuroimaging.

As a clinician, I am interested in translational research, especially focused in the study of young people, so we establish early markers of emotional problems in this population. I applied for a BRC/U PhD studentship because this would provide me with the necessary resources to undertake cutting-edge research with the leaders on this topic. 


Degree in Psychology, Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB)
MSc in Child and Adolescent Psychopathology, UAB
MSc in Severe Mental Illness in Adults, University of Barcelona (UB)

Four-year clinical training as a Clinical Psychologist, Institute of Addictions and Neurosciences, Barcelona, Spain
Awarded two-year Advanced Training Fellowship from the Alicia Koplowitz Foundation
Researcher at the Mood and Development Lab, Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, IoPPN, King's College London

Measuring and modelling emotional reactivity and its predictive value in psychopathology

This project will examine the reasons for variation in response to stress paradigms in very young children, and review, extend and explore the statistical models used to account for these variations. To do this I will employ data from the Wirral Child Health and Development Study (WCHADS). I will then explore how these responses can be included into statistical models in a meaningful way to predict emotional and behavioural problems.

Secondly, this project will examine the emotional reactivity in youth at high-risk of mood disorders. This will be done both in a natural setting employing day-to-day monitoring of mood, and in a laboratory setting employing paradigms with relevant stressors and a multi-method assessment. I aim to create a new paradigm powerful enough to detect variations in mood dysregulation overcoming the limitations of previous studies. In addition, I want to examine which features of emotional reactivity (i.e., physiological, behavioural, observational, self-reported, etc) differentiate adolescents at high-risk of developing mood disorders from healthy adolescents. In the future, I want to include neuroimaging methods to assess emotional reactivity under such paradigms.

I chose this project because I think it is essential to improve the existing approaches to study such emotional responses and identify the factors that influence their variation. The acquisition of emotional regulation is a key element of normal development in children and adolescents. Abnormalities in responses to emotional stimuli appear to raise the risk of a wide range of emotional and behavioural problems later in life. This project will help us to identify early markers of emotional problems in young people.

Dr Argyris Stringaris and Professor Andrew Pickles
Collaborators: Professor Jonathan Hill and Dr Helen Sharp


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