Fraser Anderson


My background is in Psychology, and my research interest is inequalities in mental health. I work as part of the section of women’s mental health at King's College London (KCL).



BA Pyschology, Philosophy & Physiology, University of Oxford
MSc Mental Health Services & Population Research, King's College London


BRC/U Research

Migration and Perinatal Mental Health

My project is a mixed methods project, aiming to investigate the prevalence and risk of perinatal mental disorders among first generation migrant women compared to non-migrant women. The project also aims to explore risk factors associated with perinatal mental disorders among migrant women, including social support, discrimination, and barriers and facilitators to service use. The project has three methodologies for exploring these aims.

The first is a systematic review to estimate the prevalence and relative risk of perinatal mental disorders among migrant women compared to non-migrant women, and to identify risk factors for perinatal mental disorders in this population. This review is not limited by study country, and so is looking at the global picture of migrant women. It is also not limited to particular disorders.

The second methodology is using data from a cross-sectional survey of women shortly after their first antenatal booking appointment at an inner city maternity service in London (the WENDY study). This study will focus on depression and anxiety disorders, estimating the prevalence and risk associated with being a migrant women, as well as investigating risk factors. This study is unique in that it is using a diagnostic instrument, the SCID, to identify mental disorders. I work on the data collection for this study with other members of the section of Women’s Mental Health.

The third part of the project is a qualitative study, using in-depth one-to-one interviews to explore migrant women’s experiences of support, discrimination and service use in the perinatal period.

I chose this project because I wanted to be involved in the WENDY study as I have an interest in perinatal mental health. I chose to focus on migrant women as there is a dearth of research in this area, and the study population composition provided a great opportunity to explore this.

PhD Supervisors

Louise Howard and Stephani Hatch


Affective disorders

Developing new treatments for depression, bipolar and anxiety disorders.

Clinical & population informatics

Developing and harnessing our substantial electronic databases and community health study resources to deliver research for better mental health.
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