Cristina Martinelli


My research interests lie in the adoption of cognitive neuroscience methods and theories in the investigation of the mechanisms that go awry in psychopathology. When it came to choosing a PhD I selected the BRC/U studentship because of the wide access to clinical populations that the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience (IoPPN) could offer.

BSc and MSc in Psychology
MSc in Clinical Psychology
Trained to practice as a clinical psychologist

Several teaching positions at Birkbeck University and at King’s College London
Academic writing tutor and mentor at King’s College London

Salience processing in schizophrenia

My research is investigating the cognitive and neural mechanisms underlying aberrant salience and value attribution in schizophrenia patients. I use specific types of behavioural experiments which are designed to tap into key components of salience processing; computational modeling to provide more formal understanding of the data; and functional magnetic resonance imaging to investigate the neural underpinnings of such processes.


Dr Sukhi Shergill head of the CSI LAB (Cognitive Science Imaging Lab)

Professor Shitij Kapur and Dr Francesco Rigoli


Psychosis & neuropsychiatry

Using knowledge gained from neuroscience research to improve the diagnosis, treatment and management of people with neuropsychiatric disorders, including psychoses and neurological diseases.

Training & development

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