Ben Clapperton


I joined the BRC/U after my most recent role at the Office for National Statistics, where I researched Big Data for its use in population statistics. I hold a BSc in Mathematics from Imperial College London and a MSc in Applied Statistics & Datamining from the University of St Andrews. I am now studying towards a PhD in Statistics at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience (IoPPN) at King's College London.

I have worked as a statistician since 2010 in various roles around the United Kingdom and internationally. My interests lie in understanding human behaviour based on describable patterns and trends, and then using these for benefit, both to the individual and the economy.

MSc Applied Statistics and Datamining, University of St Andrews, UK
BSc Mathematics, Imperial College London, UK

Applying machine learning methods to develop predictive models of treatment success for patients with chronic fatigue syndrome

I am researching latent class clustering techniques for their use in predicting treatment success for patients. I believe that this research will be useful for many other illnesses, and the techniques I will develop may be used in mental health and other areas.


Dr Daniel Stahl and Professor Trudie Chalder
Dr Kim Goldsmith (Third supervisor)


Bioinformatics & statistics

Our bioinformatics and statistics research integrates complex rich clinical data from patient records with large datasets from other areas including genomics & brain imaging to better understand psychiatric disorders.

Training & development

We aim to attract outstanding candidates with a range of experience and offer a variety of training schemes and secondment opportunities, spanning all academic career pathways.
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