Nurse helping a patient into a neuroimaging machine

Taking part in brain imaging studies

What is it like to have a brain scan? How do brain scans help scientific research?

Many scientific research studies use a technique called Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) which creates images of the brain.  This film, leaflet and poster explain what it is like to take part in research which involves having an MRI scan; how researchers use the information from brain scans to improve their understanding of the brain and develop new treatments; and some of the myths and misconceptions around MRI scans.



What happens when I have an MRI scan?

This leaflet explains what happens when you have an MRI scan as part of a research study.

MRI Myths

This poster explores some common myths about MRI brain scans, and how they are used.
How to participate

Take part in research

Fine out what taking part in research involves, and how you can get involved.

These materials were produced by staff at King's College London's Centre for Neuroimaging Sciences, working with research participants, researchers, and people with experience of mental illness.  

They are aimed at people who are taking part - or considering taking part - in an MRI study, and are intended for use by research scientists and clinicians who are recruiting to MRI studies.

They are free to download and print - please acknowledge King's College London Centre for Neuroimaging Sciences if you wish to republish them.  

Please contact Dr Mattia Veronese ( if you have any questions about these materials or would like to know more about how they were developed.