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Our partnerships - case studies

Case Study: Bionomics


An industry-academic partnership is progressing the development of BNC210, a new drug designed to alleviate anxiety without the cognitive, sedative, motor and addictive side effects that reduce the utility of current anti-anxiety drugs.
Case Study: Cogstack


Best-of-breed enterprise search, natural language processing, analytics and visualisation technologies to unlock the health record and assist in clinical decision making and research.
Case Study: CRIS


A unique application which takes the electronic records of mental health patients and de-identifies health records so they can be used for research to improve healthcare services.
Case Study: EU-AIMS


The world's largest autism project is accelerating the development of safe, effective treatments for autism spectrum disorder (ASD).
Case Study: KConnect


Developing sophisticated search and text analysis techniques to improve medical decision-making and care.
Case Study: Psyscan


A pioneering neuroimaging-based tool to help doctors predict future illness in people with psychotic disorders.
Case Study: RADAR-CNS


A 5-year international research project examining the potential of wearable devices and smartphone technology to monitor and treat multiple sclerosis (MS), epilepsy and depression.
Case Study: Sleepsight


A wrist-worn sleep sensor and smartphone application to detect the early signs of relapse in people with schizophrenia living in their homes.
Case Study: Vitae VR

Vitae VR

Virtual reality screening for dementia that frees up GP time by offering a fun and engaging cognitive dementia test that can be done anywhere by anyone.