MSc dissertations

Egeh, Qayo (2020). Glycaemic control in schizophrenic patients: investigating the relationship between glucose levels and its effect on length of stay in inpatient psychiatric wards and community mental health events. CRIS Archive; ca0000023 [full text]

Kuruppu, Sajini (2020).  Predictors of health outcomes for patients with depression following vascular surgery: a retrospective cohort study using a large mental health database in South LondonCRIS Archive; ca0000020 [full text]

Leng, David (2020). Glycaemia in Bipolar Affective Disorders: Multifactorial Roles Influencing Psychiatric Hospital StayCRIS Archive; ca0000021 [full text]

van Leeuwen, Adriana (2020). A Comparison of Different Machine Learning Approaches to Extract Mentions of Housing Issues from the Clinical Record Interactive Search (CRIS) Case RegisterCRIS Archive; ca0000034 [full text]

Zhou, Shengwei (2020). British school and suicidal ideationCRIS Archive; ca0000022 [full text]

Other projects