Neuroimaging theme

The overall aim of this theme is focused on the continued development and implementation of neuroimaging (MRI, PET and EEG) for better diagnosis, improved understanding of disease biology, enhanced prediction of response heterogeneity and clearer patient stratification for both translational and clinical studies.

Theme Lead: Professor Steve Williams

Our objectives

Personalised medicine: to improve our ability to optimise therapeutic benefit and minimise adverse effects of treatments for neurological and psychiatric disorders. Neuroimaging will impact on personalised and stratified medicine.

Early intervention: to use neuroimaging to improve diagnosis and identify people at high risk of or in the early phase of clinical disorders to allow intervention to prevent their development and progression.

Translational research: to translate rapidly emerging data on the biological and psychological underpinnings to neuropsychiatric and other mental disorders, as revealed by the latest imaging technology into novel treatments and innovative disease management.