Clinical trials - innovation and implementation theme

We are Europe's leading academic-healthcare partnership in terms of the number of clinical trials we conduct and the total number of patients recruited into them. 

We have access to an unique patient base and clinical-academic experts who cover the full range of psychiatric disorders.  We are able to combine and evaluate psychosocial as well as pharmacological treatments through our access to multidisciplinary expertise, particularly health systems and health economics.  We also have close links with the Clinical Research Network: Mental Health.

Theme Lead: Professor Allan Young

Our objectives

Clinical trials infrastructure: to provide a seamless and efficient regulation, implementation and analysis infrastructure for trials which specialises in mental health trials and developing our expertise in early phase trials in particular.

Collaboration: to engage with the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries to become the preferred partner for early-phase academic-industry collaborations using our clinical expertise, patient base and infrastructure.

Experimental medicine and trials: to implement innovations in clinical trial design and analysis - especially as they relate to trials that involve or combine psychosocial and pharmacological treatments.

Translational research: to identify barriers that impede translation of early clinical trials into real-world therapies and to find methods to predict, anticipate costs and avoid them.

Engagement in research: to develop greater engagement of front-line staff and patients in the trials process to increase the understanding, acceptance and involvement in clinical trials in mental health.