Neuropsychiatry theme

The overall aim of this theme is to use knowledge gained from neuroscience research to improve the diagnosis, treatment and management of people with neuropsychiatric disorders.

Neuropsychiatric disorders include the most severe forms of mental illnesses: the psychoses, for which there is the strongest evidence of an underlying brain mechanism; and neurological diseases of the brain which frequently manifest with or are complicated by psychiatric symptoms.

Theme Lead: Professor Anthony David

Our objectives

Personalised medicine: to improve our ability to offer the right treatments for the right patient, optimising their therapeutic benefit and minimising adverse effects.

Early intervention: to identify people at high risk of or in the early phase of clinical disorders and intervene to prevent their development and progression.

Experimental medicine: to translate rapidly emerging data on the biological and psychological causes of neuropsychiatric disorders into novel treatments and innovative disease management.

Mental-physical health interface: to develop new interventions at the border zone between mental and physical health - including physical diseases which complicate psychiatric disorders or their treatment as well as psychological consequences of brain disease.