Frontotemporal dementia

Frontotemporal dementia and motor neuron disease

Frontotemporal dementia (FTD) and motor neurone disease (MND) are now recognised as disorders with partially overlapping pathologies.

The aim of this research area is to develop, validate and correlate a range of biomarkers for early diagnosis and rate of disease progression; optimise the timing of therapeutic interventions; and trial new therapies in patients with FTD and MND.

Theme Lead: Professor Chris Shaw

Our objectives

  • Establishing a database to collect clinical information and assess the degree of disability annually on every FTD and MND patient attending King’s Health Partner hospitals over a five year period.
  • Identify and validate biomarkers to help early diagnosis and to monitor the rate of disease progression in FTD and MND.
  • Identify patients with special management problems early in the course of their disease in order to offer advice and support to carers and offer early intervention.
  • Conduct first-in-man drug trials in FTD or MND using licensed drugs that have been shown to help slow the progression of the disease.