Biological markers

As a cross-cutting research area of the NIHR Maudsley Dementia Biomedical Research Unit (BRU), our aim is to provide a core facility and infrastructure for the development of biomarkers, imaging and clinical informatics in late life dementia, thereby supporting and facilitating research strategies across the different disease and experimental medicine research areas.

Theme Lead: Dr John Powell

Our objectives

  • To increase the size of the bioresource ten-fold by the collection of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) and other suitable biological specimens from people with dementia to add to our extensive collection of blood samples.
  • Discover, validate and verify biomarkers by using a range of proteomics and genomics approaches for biomarker discovery.
  • Develop protocols for the use of MRI and PET imaging as tools in proof of concept of experimental medicine and other early phase trials.
  • Link patient electronic medical records with biological data to develop a practical path of recruitment to experimental medicine trials.
  • Support experimental medicine and other translational research through the use of informatics from very large biological and clinical datasets.