Since September 2015 we have been holding monthly CHRN Forums at King’s College London for our members and also for those who are not yet members but would like to find out more about the network.

Each of these monthly forums include input from our members, updates on the latest dementia research, and a topic of the month. The CHRN Project Manager, Ingelin Testad, hosts the events together with the CHRN team in which guest speakers from our clinical trials team also attend to cover the monthly forum topic.

The CHRN team also holds an annual conference for the CHRN members each year which brings together the current and upcoming research we are conducting in care homes. The annual conference is also great opportunity for care homes to receive training in new aspects in dementia care, to get involved in our research and to network with peers in other care homes. The results from the WHELD study, which a lot of our members had been part of, were presented for the first time in the previous conference.



All forums will take place in the Henriette Raphael House, Guy's Campus, King’s College London, SE1 1UL, from 16:30-18:30.

The next annual conference will be held on:

Thursday 19th May 2016 at the Gowland Hopkins Lecture Theatre located in New Hunt’s House at Guy’s campus Kings College London (SE1 1UL).

For more information about attending the annual conference please email the CHRN team on or alternatively phone 020 3766 0815. Contact us

In the previous forums, members have received talks on psychosis in dementia, genetic research in dementia, and have also received training in Brief-Psycho-Social Therapy. The next monthly forum will be held in January and will include updates on the latest dementia research, guest speakers, and free refreshments!

At the previous Annual Network Conference in 2015 two early research studies on sleep and pain were presented, both based on earlier stories and ideas from network members:

  1. Sleep The aim of this study is to understand the prevalence of sleep disturbance in care homes. And also to identify night care practices in care homes. The data gathered during the course of this study will be used to develop the night time care programme for the care homes.
  2. Pain The aim of this study is to explore the current landscape of pain management in UK care homes. And also to identify areas of practice requiring targeted intervention. Pain management in care homes would be implemented through building core strengths in care home staff through communication, awareness and training.