SELCoH Publications

As papers are published from data collected from the South East London Community Health Study (SELCoH) study, a brief summary as well as a full link to the article and references will be posted here.

Frissa S., Hatch S.L., Fear N.T., Dorrington S., Goodwin L., & Hotopf M. (2016). Challenges in the retrospective assessment of trauma: comparing a checklist approach to a single item trauma experience screening question. BMC Psychiatry, (2016) 16:20. Full Article

Hatch S.L., Gazard B., Williams D.R., Frissa S., Goodwin L., SELCoH Study Team, & Hotopf M. (2016). Discrimination and common mental disorder among migrant and ethnic groups: findings from a South East London Community sample. Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology, 51(5), 689-701. Full Article

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